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CEO, Lead Planner and Lead Designer
I am a Los Angeles based Wedding Planner and Event Designer, as well as the Owner of Fabulously Wed. And I love weddings. Well... to say that I love weddings would be a HUGE understatement.  I love all things pretty. I am in heaven when I am surrounded by textures and fabrics. I live to create atmospheres and to transform spaces.  I get all giddy inside when your guests are intrigued by the details of your wedding design.

But most of all I can never get enough of the joining of two souls, the romance of it all, the overabundance of joy that is shared with family and friends.  OK, OK... I'll admit it!  I simply LOVE love.  Every little bitty part of it.  Every couple is special to me.  I haven't worked with a client I didn't adore and I haven't styled a wedding I didn't fall in love with.

I especially enjoy working with couples who are open to new and amazing ideas and concepts. I love getting to know you. So we will chat... Who are you? What do you enjoy? What do you love about life? How did you meet? What is your ideal vacation spot? Which band rocks your socks? Where do you buy your clothes? What are you passionate about? Tell me more, tell me more! Then I take all of these fantastic tidbits of you and transform them into a unique and personal look for your wedding. It's so much fun to learn who you both are, to shape and mold your different styles and marry them into one cohesive look that exemplifies who you are as a couple.

No stone goes unturned. It is my job to be sure we tantalize the 5 senses of your guests; from sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.  You and I will work together to be sure that each and every element of your wedding speaks to your vision and I will make sure it is done flawlessly.

You only get this one day and it should be fabulous. Fabulously Wed is not only the name of my company, it is a standard that I hold myself to. It defines how your wedding looks, how you will feel and how gorgeous you will be. And as the years go by, you will look back at your wedding day and say, "We were FABULOUSLY WED!"

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