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You want a FABULOUS wedding. You have grand ideas. In fact, you like so many things that you need a little help pulling it all together. That is where I come in. Here is a little bit about my work and why you need a stylist for your wedding.

click to expand What is Fabulously Wed?
Fabulously Wed is a boutique planning and design firm that offers services for individuals - such as event planning, floral design, invitation design, event styling, photo styling for engagement sessions, as well as editorial styling.

click to expand Where is Fabulously Wed located?
Our main office is in Los Angeles, with branches in Long Beach and Orange County, but we service clients worldwide.

click to expand What makes Fabulously Wed different from other event planners and designers?
We handle all of your planning, flowers, invitations and stationery and event design.

Having designed for some of the most notable residents of Los Angeles, Tami has over 8 years experience spanning over a variety of social and corporate events. This experience has allowed Tami and her team to create a wide range of unique concepts and designs custom developed to express the client's lifestyle, personalities and interests. From whimsical to traditional, elegant and formal or themed, dramatic or romantic.

Tami's signature floral designs minimizes the use of filler flowers and greenery.  She prides herself in using the highest quality, seasonal flowers, foliage and products available because she believes in delivering the very best to her clients.

Each event gives Fabulously Wed the opportunity to create a beautifully polished event that is cohesive and well executed.  Fabulously Wed is not your typical wedding planner or florist. We are truly eventologists... queen mothers of implementation... event stylists... event designers... and floral engineers.

Fabulously Wed consistently delivers stunning installations with an interesting use of flowers and details that are purposeful and thoughtful, but with impact.  We also coordinate invitations and stationery, lighting, rentals, cake design, and table top design in addition to producing stunning floral arrangements. By selecting Fabulously Wed, you are selecting an amazing experience.

We take the time to get to know you by asking a series of questions before we decide to take you on as a client.  The personal interest we take in our client's cake design, invitations, and linen choices allow us a more complete understanding of your vision. and overall needs.  Tami is amazing at taking creative control to develop the most amazing and personal event atmosphere and she is filled with tons of ideas and concepts to bring your vision to life

click to expand How do you determine pricing?
Events are like fingerprints. Each one is unique to the client and no two are exactly alike. The initial process for design is done in four simple steps:
  1. Get to know us. Schedule a FREE Initial Phone Consultation with us! We would love to hear from you. Let us know  the date of your event. Because we limit the number of events we do each month, you will want to contact us as soon as possible to inquire about your event date. You can expect this Initial Consultation to last about 30-45 minutes.
  2. We will then draft a proposal and agreement for you and send it over for you review.
  3. Once you sign the agreement and send in your non-refundable retainer, we will get started in planning and designing your FABULOUS day!
Pricing is quite simple. It's based on your event planning and design needs, floral types, quantity of flowers, vases and/or containers, supplies, seasonality, production and labor, setup, complexity of design and distance to the event location.

To determine the price of a project, we look at the entirety of your event. Providing you a price by phone or email is so hard to do because we literally customize every detail for you.

To inquire about our starting prices, send us an email at:

click to expand What inspires Fabulously Wed?
I take my inspiration from fashion, art and interior design.  I enjoy staying on top of the latest trends, but I am also known for putting my own spin on things to allow an interesting and welcome twist.  I am influenced by so many things. There isn't really one thing or genre that defines me. However, regardless of whether a look is vintage or grand, whimsical or modern, what I am always drawn to are the feelings and stories that arise from the design that defines a couple. Once I get to know you, I am immediately drawn into developing and creating an atmosphere that brings who you are to life through visualization.  I love things that are high-quality, well made and that have interesting details and textures.  I believe things are infused with energy, therefore everything I style and design is a labor of love.

My everyday life experiences have allowed me to create atmospheres that tantalize the five senses. Drawing energy from the world around me, opening my life to new experiences and my travels have all afforded me with chances to stretch my imagination and push me to continue to be innovative. 

But more than anything, I am inspired by my clients. One bride was nostalgic and wanted her wedding to be like a storybook. This led me to create a vintage fairytale wedding design, complete with wildflowers, hard cover book invitation and a escort card book library.  Another couple loved apples and grapes on the vine because they were fresh and crisp. I created lovely floral designs using apples and grapes in the centerpieces and motifs of both throughout the wedding design.

I strive to infuse touches that are thoughtful and meaningful to the client. To give attention to the details and to care about their events as if it were my own

click to expand When did I begin designing?
Honestly,  it goes back as far as I can recall.  I grew up in a family that was very crafty and artistic. I spent a great deal of my childhood in complete awe of how incredibly talented my grandmother was at creating beautiful things for her home and for other people.  She was probably the pioneer of wedding designing. Not only that, she was incredibly talented at crafting amazing Christmas decor, designing and styling the rooms in her home, landscaping and gardening. To top it off, she loved fashion and jewelry. My sister and I used to spend hours playing with her incredible collection of costume jewelry and giant cocktail rings. To this day, I have never met a woman as domestically talented as she was. I watched her and helped her with large wondering eyes and I credit her for my love of style and design.

click to expand What is the event planning process?
It begins by completing The FabWed Consultation Questionnaire. And then it continues with a conversation. No beating around the bush and no dancing around the issue {although we think dancing to celebrate is loads of fun}.

You will work closely with Fabulously Wed to create a plan that fits your wedding planning needs. From there it's quite simple. We will gracefully and lovingly guide you through the steps needed in the proper order so that your wedding planning journey is seamless.

We can and will assist you in venue selection, budget monitoring, vendor selection, appointment setting, contract reviews, timeline management and wedding etiquette, ensuring that absolutely nothing is left undone.

Leading up to the wedding day, we will create a wedding day itinerary for vendors and bridal party alike. Our job is to communicate with your vendors, oversee your rehearsal and manage the logistics of your wedding day.

You are the client and we will ensure you are treated with the greatest of care. We are your wedding partners in crime, your liasion, your referee, your advocate and voice, your ace boon coon! It's who we are. It's what we love to do.

click to expand What is the event design process?
It starts with communication between Fabulously Wed and the client.  No magic dust needed.  No crazy hoops to jump through {unless you challenge us to a hula hoop match, which we will gladly partake in}.

The design inspiration begins with you, the client. We will then look to the venue, the season, the guest experience, the budget {because let's face it, you can't have an event without a budget}, the colors, and your story.  YOUR STORY! Your story is what makes your event stand out from all the others.  There are only so many colors and venues and flowers in the world.  But there is only one YOU. And Tami is a master at pulling inspiration from who you individuals and as a couple.

Tami takes all of the wonderful photos and notes and ideas from your meeting and begins pulling together the details. The motifs, elements, and design "threads" to weave together your amazing story, bringing it one step closer to reality.  From flowers, to linens, to invitation suites...every detail is thoughtfully selected. This also includes locating the right vendors to partner with in bringing your story to life.

We create all of your floral designs in-house, we will either design or work with a designer to create your stationery, we provide your linens, we manage the lighting specialists, we work in concert with your cake designer and baker to select amazing dessert options, and we handle everything that is part of the overall aesthetic of your event, including decor through sight, sound, smell, touch, and tastes.

click to expand Why do couples and brides come to Fabulously Wed?
I have worked in the wedding industry over 8 years, 6 of which were spent as a wedding planner. I know weddings inside and out. And I have unique ability to listen to you and understand your sense of style and then bring that to life through a design that is uniquely your own and tells your story. My clients come to me looking for unique and amazing designs.  They want a wedding where no stone goes unturned.  All details are considered and perfectly styled while engaging the 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight for each and every guest.

click to expand How many weddings does Fabulously Wed work with simultaneously?
Fabulously Wed is committed to providing you with the best overall experience and the highest quality of work; therefore we limit the number of events to no more than two per month. Because we take such a small number of events annually, our calendar fills up quite fast.  We recommend clients contact us 6-12 months in advance.  You can make an appointment for a FREE Initial Phone Consultation with us directly.

PEAK SEASON: April through October get filled up first as do the holiday weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Dates are booked in a first-come first-served basis once a non-refundable retainer and signed contract are received. The retainer is non-refundable and is applied toward your final balance.

click to expand Do you have a minimum?
Yes we do. During Peak Season (April through October) our minimums are as follows:

Full-Service Wedding Planning services start at $3,500.
We also take a limited number of clients for Final Prep and Wedding Day Coordination at a flat fee of $1,500 for between 100-150 guests.

click to expand What is your refund policy?
In the event of cancellation of the event, Client is required to notify Fabulously Wed in writing as soon as possible. If the Client cancels or otherwise breaches this Agreement, the resulting damages to Fabulously Wed would be impracticable or extremely difficult to determine in that Fabulously Wed may not be able to reschedule with a third party on the same date and upon the same terms, provisions and conditions as with the Client. Because of the difficulty in determining the resulting damage to Fabulously Wed, the parties agree in the event of cancellation or other breach of this Agreement by Client, all monies paid to Fabulously Wed for contracted services are non-refundable and shall be retained as liquidated damages. Client acknowledges such liquidated damages are a reasonable estimation of the damages to Fabulously Wed and are the result of negotiations between Client and Fabulously Wed and are not a penalty or forfeiture.

Neither Fabulously Wed not Client shall in any way be liable to the other for special or consequential damages, whether arising from Fabulously Wed’s or Clients’ negligence, breach of this Agreement, or otherwise. Fabulously Wed shall not be responsible for occurrences beyond its reasonable control that may interfere with the event. The maximum liability arising from Fabulously Wed’s inability to furnish services shall be limited to a refund of the fees paid, (i) with more than six (6) months prior to the event, Fabulously Wed shall refund all but the sum of the initial Non-Refundable Retainer; or (ii) if within six (6) months but more than three (3) months prior to the event, Fabulously Wed shall refund the Client all monies but the sum equal to two times the initial Non-Refundable Retainer amount or (iii) if within three (3) months of the event, no refund shall be given. Upon such occurrence, Fabulously Wed shall be released from all further performance of its obligations and undertakings. Should an emergency arise where Fabulously Wed is not able to provide the contracted services, on the contracted date, Fabulously Wed will notify the client immediately. The Non-Refundable Retainer and any other monies paid for services contracted would be refunded to the client within thirty (30) days of notice of cancellation in the form of a cashier’s check and mailed via the United States Postal Service. Client agrees that Fabulously Wed and all employees of Fabulously Wed have no further obligation to the Client, other than all monies paid to be fully refunded. Fabulously Wed has no financial obligation in engaging an alternate event/wedding coordinator for the event date but may do so at it’s own discretion..

click to expand Who should consider using a designer for their photo session or wedding event?
Anyone and everyone! If you want your event to be highly-stylized and editorial, it takes work!  A designer is able to think harmoniously about all of the details for your event and will help you organize them perfectly for a cohesive look and feel.  I also love working with couples to style their engagement sessions. I work with you to tell your story - to express your personality and the dynamic that you and your fiance share.

I love everything related to style. And it is my goal to bring FABULOUS-NESS to your wedding, event and photo sessions so that you can look back on them for years to come and fall in love all over again with the memories of the love you share.

For samples of my work, click HERE!

We can't wait to work with you! Contact us today!

Photography by Ashleigh Taylor Photography



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