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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Fabulous Wedding Organizer for Engaged Couples

I am SOOOOO excited to make this announcement! After having successfully planned and designed over 65 weddings over the span of nearly 10 years, there is one thing I learned.... being organized while wedding planning is a MUST! Weddings are a huge production with many players involved and a ton of logistics to manage. If you want a successfully planned wedding, then you will love The Fabulous Wedding Organizer for Engaged Couples!


I can safely say that this is the BEST WEDDING PLANNING ORGANIZER on the planet! 
Our 101-page eBook, The Fabulous Wedding Organizer is now available to engaged couples worldwide! There are a total of 23 worksheets and checklists to help you stay organized during your wedding planning journey! 

This organizer has everything you need to stay organized, such as contact forms, typical floor plan layouts, bridal party schedule, wedding day timeline sample, Play and Do Not Play List for your DJ, sample marriage vows, a menu worksheet, a ceremony worksheet, an emergency kit checklist, an invitation worksheet and much more.  Altogether there are 23 documents to keep you organized.

When I tell you they will save your life, I mean they will save your life because they are much more comprehensive than the forms you will find online or in those wedding planning binders sold by book retailers.  Not to mention, it is electronic, which means if you make mistakes, if you lose a form, if you simply want to be green... you can do that with The Fabulous Wedding Organizer.


We are throwing in 9 BONUS eBooks: 
1. Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner? 
2. Before You Tie the Knot Guide 
3. How to Stock the Bar for Your Wedding 
4. Selecting Your Dance Floor 
5. How to Select Your Table Linen 
6. Sample Marriage Vows 
7. Seating, Processional, Formation at the Altar and Recessional Guide for Christian Weddings 
8. Seating, Processional, Formation at the Altar and Recessional Guide for Jewish Weddings 
9. Tax Write-Off You Should Know About for Your Wedding 

A $75 value for FREE!

No couple wants to be overwhelmed or stressed while planning the most amazing day of their lives.  By utilizing the amazing documents in The Fabulous Wedding Organizer, your wedding will be planned seamlessly, ensuring that no balls are dropped and nothing important or meaningful falls through the cracks. 

DON'T WAIT! Get yours delivered to your inbox TODAY and become the most organized engaged couple around!

You might be thinking...
I don't understand why this organizer is better than those I can buy from a book retailer. Why do I need The Fabulous Wedding Organizer?

Having been in business nearly ten years, I have scoured the internet for this same information while planning weddings for my couples and came up short.  Only after failed attempts and many frustrating moments was I able to create a tried and true method for tackling wedding planning organization with ease.  I created this organizational system for use in my own wedding business. Both myself and my event managers follow this organizational system to a tee. With The Fabulous Wedding Organizer, you are receiving methods and forms that were created and fine tuned after years of trials and triumphs. They are exactly what you need to efficiently and flawless plan your wedding.

I MADE IT SO SIMPLE YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!  Think of all the time you will save and moments of frustration searching the internet for the answers to planning your wedding with ease.  No longer will you have to ask, "What I am forgetting?"

Order The Fabulous Wedding Organizer today and say goodbye to frustration AND say hello to your fabulous wedding!



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