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Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Wedding Workshop Includes Defining Moments Photography

I am over the moon to announce an addition to A DIY Wedding Workshop Series by Fabulously Wed!  Sheri Angeles of Defining Moments Photography will be joining us on April 28 to talk about the important things you need to know when choosing your wedding photographer.

The photographer you and your future husband select will ultimately be the photojournalist for your wedding day.  It is so important to know what feeling you want to represent your wedding day. Having someone who is truly talented will help capture every detail and special moment that you will cherish for years to come.  There truly is nothing like looking back at your wedding photos and re-living that beautiful day.

Sheri will help you determine what defines your style.  Do you like photos that are artisitic or little more vintage?  Are formal or classic photos more your style? Do you prefer film over digital...and what is the difference anyhow? How good is the resolution and how well-lit are the photos? All of these things are important.

The photographer is part of your most important day in a major way.  You want to be sure you really like them.  There has to be chemistry there.

The options are varied and wide!  What do you get?  What should you get?  What is most important? What do you need to look for?

You have a vision for your wedding.  Your photographer needs to get that.  How do you articulate your vision to your photographer and how do you know that they get it... that they REALLY get it?

You want to work with someone who will capture those special moments that will transport you back to that special moment in time when you look back at your wedding through photos.  To ensure that you are armed with the information you need when choosing your photographer, Sheri will guide you through those burning questions and those that you need to know and hadn't thought to ask.

{Check out some of the images captured by Sheri.  So beautiful.}
{Photo Credit: Defining Moments}

This is your FABULOUS wedding we are talking about after all.  And you deserve to have the best that you can have.

You do not want to miss A DIY Wedding Workshop Series by Fabulously Wed.  Whether you attend one session or all four, you will walk away ready to get your wedding planning and design into FABULOUS shape! Be sure to register HERE because we have very limited seating available for each workshop!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


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