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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabulous Style: Pantone Spring 2013 Color Trends

As an event and wedding designer, one of the things I stay attune to is the current and upcoming color trends. Color trends span across design in fashion, home goods, and event design elements. Knowing what the hot colors are in event design is important. Color trends are offered in floral design, the selection of linens available to you, the bridal attire, accessories, etc. Pantone Color Trend Forecast are the most widely used and recognized color standards in the world.  Being armed with a forecast of color trends allows the newly engaged to be informed about what colors they can expect to see when selecting items for their wedding and choosing a color palette that is not only beautiful but in which to draw inspiration.

So how do the "powers that be" come up with the latest color trend forecast?

It's a matter of studying social climates. Colors are chosen to subliminally speak to you where you are in life and the current social trends seen throughout our nation.  Here is a blurb from Pantone's site that may provide you with a better insight regarding the selected color trends for Spring 2013:

"This season, designers overwhelmingly address consumers' desire for self-expression, balance and the need to re-energize. The color direction for spring builds upon these compelling needs with a palette that mixes dynamic brights with novel neutrals to create a harmonious balance. This allows for unique combinations that offer practicality and versatility, but at the same time, demand attention and earn an appreciative glance."

You might be wondering why I am talking about Spring 2013 trends when we are in Fall 2012? Well, if you are marrying this fall, chances are your wedding colors are set. But if you are looking to marry in Spring and early Summer of 2013, this color palette will help you select what is hot in event design.

I am in love with the upcoming colors for Spring 2013. They are virbant and fresh. They awaken the senses and they mimic the colors found in our natural settings during Springtime.  Check out what's hot this Spring:
Sometimes when these come out, I am not crazy about every color, but this time I am giddy with excitement!  Not only are the colors FABULOUS, but the names are downright delicious as well!

Follow along over the next several weeks as I share wedding design inspiration boards using Pantone's Spring Color Forecast.

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


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