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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabulous Inspiration: The Emmys 2012

Yesterday I shared my Top 5 Favorite Emmy Gowns. I am so inspired by red carpet fashion. There are so many ways to translate a gown into a gorgeous wedding design. To show you how I do this, I decided to share a few Pinterest boards with you that I created inspired by three red carpet gowns from the Emmy Awards this past weekend.


Ginnifer Goodwin hit the red carpet in retro style! Her Monique Lhullier gown was absolutely stunning in Tangerine Tango. I love Ginnifer's style.

 Here is a peek at a Pinterest board I made based on Ginnifer's look.

It's retro. It's fun. It says, "Hey let's celebrate." I imagine the bride who wears a gown such as Ginnifer's would be a socialite. She would drink martinis and love to dance. To bring in style from the 50s, I thought it fitting to have a jukebox. To set the tone, she would send out invitations on actual vintage 45s. The cake would have a down home look to it. Not too pretentious. Something delicious looking, pretty and approachable. I love pairing the brightness of Tangerine Tango with Aqua. It grounds the color, allowing it to be the center of attention but not in a garish way. The groom would wear a retro-style tuxedo. Together they would mingle and laugh and celebrate with their closest friends and family with cocktails and sweets. And what better to ride off into the sunset than in a vintage Thunderbird.

Be sure to visit my board for more fabulousness Inspired by Ginnifer Goodwin.


Hayden Panettier boldly draped Dark Blue tulle around her Gold beaded Marchesa gown. Immediately I was inspired.

Here is a peek at the board I made based on Hayden's look:

It's glamorous. It's classic. It's timeless. I imagine the bride who would wear a gown like this would want an elegant affair. She would surround herself with white orchids and want touches of gold elements throughout her wedding design. Candles, candles, and more candles would fill her ceremony and reception space to give off a warm glow. The groom would be decked out in classic black tie. Her bridesmaids would be just as glamorous in gold evening gowns and wear fabulous jewelry. The invitations would be delivered in a box and be written in gold foil calligraphy. The wedding cake? Gold of course! Completely edible and completely glam! This is a wedding in the city. Surrounded by a breathtaking backdrops of city lights and tall buildings at sunset. This wedding would have a band and it would have an air of sophistication. It would rival some of the best galas in town.

Be sure to visit my board for more fabulousness Inspired by Hayden Panettiere.


Soft fabric in light seafoam green by Alexandre Vauthier define Heidi Klum's gown. Reminiscent of a Grecian goddess, she simply glowed in this airy affair.

Here is a peek at the board I made based on Heidi's look:

Think of a warm, breezy day in near the sea. The bride who would wear a gown like this enjoys a relaxed lifestyle. The sounds of waves lapping against the shore soothe her. She would surround herself with seafoam green and antique gold elements set against a white backdrop. She loves a natural environment and wants her guests to feel at ease. By pulling inspiration from ancient Greece and from the sea, I would design a wedding curated with antiques, white busts, Grecian style jewelry and lots of pure white elements. A signature drink of Seafoam Sangria graces the lips of her guests and a feast that rivals those of Julius Ceasar would be set before them.

Be sure to visit my board for more fabulousness Inspired by Heidi Klum.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoy my boards. I absolutely love dreaming up amazing designs from fashion, art and life in general. The world we live in is beautiful!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!



eighttreestreet said...

Gorgeous combinations and finds, love the pastels and the rich spicy oranges at Emmy night.

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