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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabulous Friday: Elmer's Glue + My Childhood

So much of who I am as a designer started when I was a kid. This week I was remembering all of the cool random things I used to do with Elmer's Glue.

Raise your hand if Elmer's Glue was more than an adhesive to you.  *me wildly raising and waving my hand

Ok, maybe I'm alone but still, I had good times with ole Elmer's.
Today they have washable, clear school glue made by Elmer's but there was no such thing when I was a kid. Elmer's Glue was white and when it dried it had a milky opaque color to it. And it wasn't washable! If you got any on your clothes, you can expect a scratchy glue spot to remain there FOR LIKE EVER! Seriously, my mom wasn't going out to replace my glued up clothes just because I was careless.

My elementary school had desks with lids on them. This is where we kept our books and paper and stuff sort of like this one:
On the top. there is a groove for pencils. Well, there was also one on the inside. I would squeeze glue in oval shapes into that groove and let them sit for a few days. Because the groove inside the desk was made out of metal, the glue would lift right out. and VOILA! I had my own version of Lee Press-On Nails! I'd simply color them with markers and I was stylin' and profilin'!

Elmer's glue was also great in capturing fingerprints! Not that we had any reason to fingerprint one another, but hey!

So yeah...random and silly but it brought me so much joy to create new and pretty things. Shhh...don't tell my mom the reason my clothes were ruined was due to my nail creating days! She may never forgive me for all the Shout purchases and scrubbing she had to endure.

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


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