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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Wedding Photo Shoot: Rustic Victorian Wedding

This is the final entry for the Annual Backstage Bridal Pro Academy Scholarship Contest. #sadface! Wedding Pros from across the United States submitted entries for a chance to win a full scholarship to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy this September at the number one resort in the nation, Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California where they will join other wedding professionals in elevating their wedding planning business at THE best educational experience around. (no passport required).

Here we bring you a wonderful mock wedding shoot by Julia Whitley of Serendipitous Events by Julia in Palos Verdes, California, was inspired by the modern Victorian bride. Be sure to leave your comments if you are in love with Julia's entry. Your votes can help her get to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy!

Julia shares how she was inspired to bring Fabulous and Graceful to life in this mock wedding shoot: "As part of a couple that has both been previously married and had wonderful, traditional big weddings, I wanted to create a stylized wedding that spoke volumes of class, grace, sophistication, simplicity and life. To me, nothing is more fabulous. Drawn to the bride that likes to show variety in her taste, that takes a simple color palette into simple beauty with fabulous touches, I wanted to create a look that created a mood, not just a pretty photograph. The evocation of emotion is prevalent in the vintage weddings, yet I wanted to create a fabulous design with vintage touches. My color palette began with a base of earth tones that resonate with my love for outdoor weddings which are blossoming with life."
"Chandler Park in Rolling Hills Estates, has always had a peaceful allure. I walked down to take a peek at how and if it had changed, and I was taken aback by the possibility of a quaint wedding ceremony under the trees. I began writing a love story that was entitled “And, The Bride wore Black” about a bride who wanted her love story written as if her dress was the pen, rather than the picture. Most people equate the color black for a wedding dress as Gothic or Goth. They assumption is often that the bride may have tattoos or piercings. A fabulous wedding can absolutely have the bride in black especially with the delicacy and grace of the Victorian Style." 
"As I glanced at the bridle trails in the park, I thought of a beautiful Victorian wedding with a black and gray color scheme with touches of white. The backdrop would have horses, dogs and hints of things present during the Victorian era. It was such a graceful time in history and I wanted to keep the theme subtle, yet felt through the emotion of each captured moment.  A full dress with a petticoat that flowed along the green grass was a picturesque image."
"I am a collector of old world candelabras and have several tall, wrought iron stems waiting in my garage to be used for an event such as this. I have always wanted to use them for centerpieces, but loved the look of them as a faint outline of the black aisle runner. Over time I had gathered multiple items that worked perfectly with the outdoor setting including dresses for Cotillions and formals. The piece that added truly fabulous to the design was the antique, crystal wedding tree. Ah, what a gorgeous piece of history to utilize in place of an arbor. The crystals caught every fabulous ray of the 3pm sunlight cascading through the trees.  Everything began to unfold as I gathered items to make it feel as if we had stepped back in time, because in many ways through my love story, I had." 
Julia used the following resources to create this look:
Black Aisle Runner - Angelo Gifts | Wedding Rings - Target | Linens - GBS | Black Wedding Gown - Ebay |  Catering - Lisa's Bon Appetit
Total Shoot Cost = $482.98

Are you loving Julia's interpretation of Fabulous and Graceful with a bit of sparkle? If so, please be sure to leave a comment on Backstage Bridal HERE. Your comments may help her get to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!

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