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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fabulous Wedding Photo Shoot: The Fabulous + Graceful Side of Paper

We are enjoyin the photo shoot entries for this year's Annual Backstage Bridal Pro Academy Scholarship Contest. Wedding Pros from across the United States submitted entries for a chance to win a full scholarship to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy this September at the number one resort in the nation, Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California where they will join other wedding professionals in elevating their wedding planning business at THE best educational experience around. (no passport required).

Today, we kick it off with a very unique entry. This one is all about the "Fabulous and Graceful Side of Paper".  M. Shannon Hernandez of Sage and Time Designs in Brooklyn, pulled together a beautiful stationery set using graceful swans and a bit of fabulous sparkle. Be sure to leave your comments if you are in love with Shannon's entry. Your votes can help her get to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy!

SInspiration Board Credits (left to right, each row): 
Eclatante Event Design, | Erich McVey Photography | Millie Holloman Photography | Brooke Images 
Geranium Lake Flowers | Lexi Photography 
All images were found on the Style Me Pretty Gallery
Shannon explains the intricacies involved in creating the anticipation for weddings. "My role in working with event planners and individual clients is to introduce the guests to the event theme, grandeur, or simplicity, of the event itself. This is no easy task, as the wedding invitation suite, which may include pre-wedding station-ery, is the first glimpse into all the great details to come. In short, wedding stationery sets the tone for what lies ahead, and therefore it must be absolutely on point and fabulous, tying in with all the other details the wedding couple, and their planner, have already decided upon."

"My intent is to show the viewers and judges the many fabulous and graceful ways paper can be used, not only in the wedding invitation suite itself, but also as a way to add those personal and unique touches every wed-ding couple, and event planner, strives to create for “the big day.” All pieces have been designed first by sketching (on paper!), then by cutting, gluing, fold-ing, and assembling. Each piece of product you see in the entry has been entirely handcrafted, which is what Sage & Time Designs products are best known for!"
"Swans are one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes upon. To see their wings spread wide open, witness a seemingly effortless liftoff along the horizon, and then the propelling of their bodies from the water’s surface, paints a very fabulous and graceful image in one’s mind. It was with this vision of the graceful swan that the inspiration for the Backstage Bridal Pro Scholarship Contest was conceived."
"Particularly popular today are “Mr. and Mrs. Signs” and banners, included as part of the reception signage. I decided to incorporate a white sheer ribbon, deep purple lettering backed by silver sugared paper, and a mix of white swan feathers and crystals. These signs are intended to drape off the back of a chair, making a bold statement and “announcing” the newly married couple."
"Pulling from my background in biology and botany, I believe the orchid must be the one of the most delicate and graceful flowers found in nature. It capitvates the elegance of beauty, and it is why I decided to incorpo-rate orchids into the story board, as the floral selection, as well as include them in the table decor."
"Imagine walking into the reception and being greeted by this gracefully, arching lighted tree display, awaiting your addition of a signed swan. The tree concept was constructed from pre-lit branches, feather and crystal floral pics, and tall purple vases. The entire display cascades over three orchids, floating in a pool of water. As guests move closer to get a better look, they notice a small sign requesting they write their names on an origami swan and add it to the display."
"Will You Be My Bridemaid?Card: Many brides are opting for charming, personalized stationery which asks their friends and family to participate in their wedding ceremony. For this design, a dress was drawn on paisley paper, in coordinating purple hues, and then backed in pearl paper. To add detail to the dress, a white ribbon and floral was used to embellish and ac-centuate the waistline."

Shannon used the following resources to create this look:

HomeGoods | Save on Crafts | Michael’s | Paper Source

Total shoot cost= $201.78

Be sure to check in a bit later today as Shannon shares her DIY instructions for creating some of these beautiful paper designs!

Are you loving Shannon's interpretation of Fabulous and Graceful with a bit of sparkle? If so, please be sure to leave a comment over at Backstage Bridal Pro Academy HERE. Your comments may help her get to Backstage Bridal Pro Academy!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!
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