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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulously Wed DIY Project: Donut Hole Favors

I am a sucker for donut holes.  Especially ones sprinkled heavily with powdered sugar.  I would love to see these DIY donut hole favors at a vintage wedding with an undertone of homegrown goodness.  I came across this tutorial on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Ruffled (great name, even better blog).  I absolutely adore the fabulous doily cones.  Guests love to nibble on sweet things...why not consider these at your celebration!
To make the paper doily cones you will need:
  • paper doiles
  • parchment paper
  • tape
  • paper
  • ink pen
  • pinking shears
To make the donut holes you will need:

  • canned flakey biscuits
  • frying oil
  • powdered sugar
  • paper bags
1.Take each doily and roll it to a cone shape and firmly tape it to hold in place.
2. Cut out strips of paper with your scallop scissors and write your “enjoy: message on each end.
3. Tape your messages on the inside edge of each cone.
4. Cut several squares of parchment paper and stuff inside each cone.
5. Place donut holes inside each cone, and try not to eat them!


Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


Borrowed and Bleu said...

What a yummy idea! They look so pretty, too!

Bri Bee said...

Tami this rocks - great post! I was actually on stumble upon last night and "Stumbled" across this - and this morning when I get up it's all over our TWIPS page too. It's a goodie!

Bri {BeeBeeBisous}

Nicky said...

You can also make beignets (which I would totally suggest for a larger wedding party) which aren't as heavy.

But the doily? Perfection!

I love the idea!

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