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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fabulous Wedding Advice: Take A Break From Wedding Planning

So much of your energy and thought goes into planning your wedding. You have a million ideas and you talk about them...all...of...the...time.  So much so that you might find your groom suddenly gazing off into the distance...pretending to listen to yet another conversation about peonies, escort cards and bunting.  Do yourself and your husband-to-be a favor... STOP!  Just stop.

Take some time to cuddle with him. Break away this summer and reconnect with the one you love.  Go outdoor in a great setting.  But where should you go?  Hmmm...I have a great idea! How about a picnic!  Grab some of your favorite foods and a terrific bottle of wine and you're all set!

Check out these amazing picnic ideas from H+M Europe for their Picnic In Style line.  Wish they sold their home goods in the U.S. but if you're savvy enough you can duplicate one of these looks with ease.  See for yourself...
What did I tell you!  FABULOUS!!!  I want to picnic with someone handsome right now!

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


LAA said...

Wonderful advice! It's definitely good to take some time for yourself during the planning process.

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