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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabulously Wed DIY Project: Fabric + Gold Embossed Candy Buffet Signs

Hello there!  Welcome back!  Yesterday I shared with you our sweet little Japanese inspired candy display featured on The Sweetest Occasion.  {do me a favor and pop on over there and leave a comment!}.  As promised, today I wanted to share the steps with you on how I created the signs for our candy display.

DIY Fabric + Gold Embossed Table Signs:
You will need fabric with a unique print that can easily be cut into individual shapes;
Elmer's glue stick;
Double stick tape;
4 bar flat cards;
A7 flat cards for layered back;
Paper trimmer;
Fabric scissors;
Rubber stamp motif;
Clear ink pad for embossing;
Embossing powder;
Embossing heating tool
  1. Design your cards in Microsoft Publisher.  Customize your page size by opening a blank page and entering 3.5" for the height and 5" for the width.  Change the orientation of your document to landscape by going to Page Setup.
  2. Being sure to center your text, type out the wording of your signs using your favorite font.  I used Japanese Brush from Da Font.
  3. Print out your signs using the 4 Bar flat cards.
  4. Next, cut out the graphics from your selected fabric.
  5. Using the glue stick, gently apply glue to the back of your fabric.  If you plan to place the design flush against the edge of the card, as I did, be sure to trim the excess fabric to create a clean edge.
  6. Now it's time to emboss!  Apply clear ink to your rubber stamp and apply it to the top center of your card.
  7. Lay down a large piece of scrap paper or newspaper to protect your work surface and to collect the excess embossing powder you will have. (I used a gold powder).
  8. Pour a generous amount of embossing powder just over the inked design.  The powder will stick to the inked area.  You can now pour the excess powder onto your scrap paper and pour back into your embossing powder container.  It is important to close the embossing powder container at this point because it is very easy to blow it out of the container with the heating tool and make a huge mess.
  9. Using the heating tool, go back and forth over your design using a swiping motion, allowing the heat to melt the embossing powder.  This takes less than a minute and will create a nice metallic embossed motif on the top of your signs.  Set to the side and allow to dry, approximately 3-4 minutes.
  10. To add a layered backing, cut your A7 cards to 4" x 5.5 inches using a paper trimmer for even edges.
  11. Using double stick tape apply the backing to your signs and VOILA!  You have pretty little signs for your candy display.

Have you entered our DIY contest?  
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Deadline for submissions is May 27, 2011

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


Naomi Goodman said...

These are a adorable, Tami! Very adorable!

Erica said...

Well done. Love the candy buffet too.

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