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Monday, May 2, 2011

Fabulous Wedding Advice: Do I Need A Wedding Program?

{Photo Credit and Program Designed by Tami Brown, Fabulously Wed}

Wedding programs are sometimes an overlooked detail of the wedding.  However, the program definitely adds a little something special to your day.  They help your guests feel included and understand what is happening, and they introduce your guests to the bridal party.

There are a few instances where wedding programs are helpful:

  1. You are having a religious or culture-infused wedding ceremony, with many guests that are of another faith or culture.
  2. You are having a large wedding where guests may not know the bridal party.
  3. You are having a particularly long ceremony where guests will want to be prepared to wait a while.
  4. If you have many people to thank.
Elements of a wedding program:
  • The cover: This typically includes the date and the names of the couple.  It could also include the date, location of the ceremony and a motif or design element.
  • The order of events: This lists what happens during the ceremony, including the music selections, greetings, readings, prayers, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, other rituals or ceremonies, pronouncement of marriage, etc.  Be sure to list the events in the order in which the occur.
  • Members of the bridal party: This should include officiant, parents, grandparents, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids, readers, flower girls, and ringbearers.
Other things you may want to include:
  • An explanation of the rituals or traditions you may include
  • A request for audience participation (prayers, standing, kneeling, singing, offering of peace, etc.)
  • Thank You's
  • Memorials or In Remembrance Of
  • A short sentence about each bridesmaid or groomsmen
  • An explanation of the significance of the location, first dance song, etc.
  • Quotes or poems about love or marriage
  • Directions to the reception
Whatever your choice, I strongly recommend adding wedding programs to your list of wedding day paper items.  It not only draws your guests into the wedding from the onstart, it can also be a super cute and inexpensive additional design element.  For more ideas on how to create amazing wedding programs that catch the attention of your guests, come back to see me on Thursday!

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Jessica said...

So many times this is left until the last minute - and it so easily shows!

Nicky said...

Hey...I know those programs!

And I am very glad we had them I think everyone liked knowing who the people up there were.

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