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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fabulous Stylized Wedding Shoot: Japanese Spring Wedding

Hello FABULOUS readers!  Spring has sprung!  One of the things I love about springtime is the amazing flower selection available.  Last week I was honored to have been featured on The Sweetest Occasion for my entry into the Inspired Creations Contest that Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs pairs up with Cyd to host annually.  This year the theme was metallics, glitz and glam. We were asked to interpret this as literal or subtly as we saw fit.  Of course, I took this opportunity to incorporate a few spring florals in our design.

In the wake of the devastation and lives lost in Japan, Ashleigh Taylor and I went to work very quickly to create a small dedication by way of a mini sweets table.  I used an unexpected color palette of pinks and purples paired with gold to bring our concept to life.  Purple iris, vibrant pink tulips and soft pink gerberas were chosen.  I rimmed the candle holders with gold glitter and adorned the apothecary jars with bright pink tassels with luck coins.  They say that folding 1,000 origami cranes grants the folder a wish.  It is my wish that the residents of Japan will hold hope and faith in their hearts and find peace in the wake of their tragedy along with 1,000 years of happiness and prosperity.  And it is with that wish in mind, I choose to share our images with you.

Tune in tomorrow for DIY instructions for these cute fabric and gold embossed signs.


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