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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabulous Wedding Trends: The Royal Wedding

You know, I seriously haven't been following the Royal Wedding.  Mainly because it's like "Royal Wedding Overload"!  I mean GEE WHIZ!  I thought to myself: I know who is getting married. I know when.  I've seen the invitation (which made me snore, quite frankly). And I feel like this is ALL I hear about.  My brides don't care about the royal wedding right now.  They care about their wedding.

But last week I saw this post in Twitter by Liene Stevens of Think Splendid:

And then I thought to myself: DANG!  She's right!

I mean look at what happened when Princess Di was married (which I distinctly recall being glued to the TV to watch with my grandma in her kitchen when I was a little girl).  This is the ULTIMATE in FABULOUS!  Many girls dream of being a princess on wedding day.  But to actually BE ONE!  I mean, WOW!

You might be like me and think to yourself that this has nothing to do with you.  This wedding is way across the pond! Thousands of miles away so how could it possibly affect you?  I'll tell you how...

Every itty bitty detail will be scrutinized (look at my comment above about their invitation).  These details will be passed onto brides, like yourself.  Whether you plan on having a royal wedding or not. Let's go back in time to Princess Di and Prince Charles's grand wedding affair.
{Source: Keep It Fancy}
There wasn't an eye in the world watching Princess Di entering St. Paul's Cathedral that didn't take notice of the incredibly long train!  I mean DANG!! It was 25 freaking feet of silk tafetta! Now check out her sleeves...
{Photo source | My News In}
I can't think of a single wedding from the 80's that didn't sport puffy sleeves like this.  If you are too young to remember, go back to your old family photos or Google 80's wedding dresses and you will see what I mean. That trend spilled over into fashion all around.  Even I wore puffy sleeves, not realizing that it was influenced by the Royal Wedding.

Since the debut of Princess Di's wedding gown, it has become arguably THE most famous dress ever. Several celebrities had dresses modeled after her gown. It had every element a wedding gown could have...embroidery, lace, beading, tulle, pearls, sequins...  No doubt that Kate Middleton's gown will continue the trend on being a forerunner for the most sought after and trend-setting design this decade.
{Photo source | Mac's Flowers}
Never before had a bride carried such a large and elaborate bouquet.  Up until this wedding, bridal bouquets were normally quite small.  Enter Princess Di in her royal horse drawn carriage and her cascading bouquet.  Once viewers recovered from the details of her gown and it's grand train, their focus shifted to her bouquet.  At 42 inches long and 15 inches wide and weighing nearly 7 pounds, it was designed in such a way to balance her large gown.  (Let's hope there wasn't a bouquet toss with that baby!) Anything smaller would have simply disappeared.  Filled with stephanotis, gardenias, freesia, ondontoglossum orchids, lily of the valley, Earl Mountbatten roses, ivy, tradescantia, myrtle and veronica.  It was both gorgeous and fragrant.  Next thing you know, ladies around the world were donning cascade bouquets and some still do to this day.
One out of every four brides tells me they want to arrive in a horse drawn carriage like a princess. Not all of them actually follow through but the desire is still there.  Wonder who REALLY started this trend?

{Photo Source | Cater Bid}
A fresh fruit cake of apples, pineapples and banana layered with cream cheese icing and served with cold banana sabayon.  YUMMY!  This royal sweet was the most requested confection of 80's weddings.  A masterpiece of English tradition, it stood over 5-feet tall and was elaborately designed with the Windsor coat of arms using marzipan and royal frosting, (of course, right?!). You can recreate a small version of Princess Di's wedding cake using this HERE.
{Photo Source | Marie Claire UK}
Most certainly, the new Royal Wedding Cake may have the same amount of influence.

{Photo Source | I Am Super Gorge}
Let's not forget the ring, which Kate Middleton now proudly wears.  Featuring a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire cut diamonds and set in 18-karat white gold.  The world will be lying in wait to see what ring the future princess will be wearing.

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles shaped the wedding industry and influenced brides for years and years.  Still does in many ways.  It is very likely that our modern day Royal Wedding will do the same.

Still not convinced?  Well, here's a little factoid:  The blue dress that Kate Middleton wore while announcing the engagement to William sold out with the designer within 24 hours.  Marinate on that...

The influence on weddings by the Royal Wedding is going to be unfounded and is already breaking royal tradition by significantly scaling down the guest list and nixing the traditional horse drawn carriage in exchange for a car.  So... although I was just as blasé about the Royal Wedding as you might be... I will in fact be tuning in on April 24, 2011 to witness their nuptials with the rest of the world. AND I will be anxious to see how my beloved industry is shaped by this decade's most influential and long-awaited event.

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Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Well I won't lie- I can't get enough of Royal Wedding Details. But it is because at one point I thought I WOULD marry Wils! I know it will be packed with beauty and grandeur but I never thought of it this way and you are absolutely right! Without even realizing it people will be incorporating details from this wedding into theirs for years to come!

Tami said...

LOL Alicia. You crack me up! I am sure it will be GORG! I didn't care and now I can't wait to see it!

emma | emmaline bride said...

Great article, Tami! I can't wait to see the details unfold myself. :)

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

Haha Alicia! Too cute :) But what a great article, I think I have to agree with everything you said!!

Naomi said...

Tell it!! I attention because up until this very day Princess Diana still influences our wedding culture. I am mad about the wedding details and I can't get enough. I'm going to bed at 7pm that night to get up at 3:55 to watch the entire wedding, just like I watched his mothers. Great post!

Lisa said...

Great post and yes the Royal Wedding will definitely influence future brides loved the way you summarized all of the details.... Brilliant post Tammi great job!

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