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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabulous Idea: Dishing for Dana

Hello FABULOUS readers!  I am writing today to ask you to do me a HUGE favor...  support my sweet friend, Dana LaRue of The Broke Ass Bride by making a donation on her Dishing for Dana site.  Dishing for Dana is a fundraising site that offers delicious recipes from folks all around the world.  For a small donation you can access a database filled with tons of recipes that will have your mouth watering and your kitchen smelling divine!

Dana suffers from an unusual autoimmune disease called Uveitis.  It is incurable and can cause permanent blindness. Further she also suffers from a very rare deep-tissue disease called Granuloma Annulare.  This causes inflammation in her foot .  This condition is so rare that although Dana has had surgery on her foot, the condition still exists and she has not found a doctor who knows how to properly treat it.  Dana has had 8 surgeries in the last 5 years alone.  I don't know about you, but I couldn't imagine my lifestyle changing to the point of spending that much time on the operating table.  God bless her.  Her medical bills are ongoing and are astronomical.  It has escalated to a point that she is literally drowning in medical bills and is unable to afford additional medical care without our help.

Many of you may know Dana from her popular blog, The Broke Ass Bride and you may even follow her musing on Twitter.  That alone can make you feel a personal connection to her because she is very personable and transparent.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Dana, have worked with her and have hung out with her.  She and her husband, Hunter, are genuine people.  Who you meet online is real, it is who they are in person.  They are great people, with the best attitudes and are incredibly fun to hang out with.  Despite all of Dana's health issues, she is always smiling and always sweet.  You would never know she suffers from these health conditions because she not only wears a smile on her face but she would never burden anyone with her "woe is me" problems. She is not one to cry a river and she is not one to ask for help.

Now, I know you might be thinking that this is just another internet ploy to get money.  Well, although that has happened online I can assure you that Dana's condition is real, her medical bills are real and she really procrastinated asking for help. It is only with the encouragement of her friends that she came forward with the ingenious idea to create an online recipe sharing platform for a small donation.  I truly believe that when you are generous to others, you will reap the rewards of that generosity in your life 10 fold.  By helping Dana, you are helping yourself.  You are doing a good thing for someone who not only needs it but is deserving of your help.  She WILL be grateful and she WILL express it.  To learn more about what ails my dear friend click HERE.

We are looking to help her raise $22,000.  This amount will help cover her medical bills as well as her health insurance premium.  Additionally, 10% of your donation will go towards the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association.

So whaddayasay... help out Dana. I would love you forever for it. You can donate as little as $1 but I am asking that you please donate at least $20. Seriously, people that's like 4 conservative trips to Starbucks just help to someone who needs and deserves it. Click HERE to learn how.

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


Alicia@CharityWedding said...

I love seeing all these bloggers come together for Dana and this great cause in general! I hope she gets what she needs!

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