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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabulous Wedding Advice: Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner? PART 3

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Hello there FABULOUS readers!  Today I wanted to continue to assist you in determining whether you really need a wedding planner.  If you missed the previous discussion, you can find it HERE.  We talked about breaking down one of the online wedding timelines into micro steps.  If you took the time to do this exercise, please leave your comments.  I REALLY do want to hear your thoughts on it.  

Today I'd like to discuss the FAQs I have received from brides:

I would love to have a DIY wedding but I am not a very crafty person.  Is this something you can help me with?
The answer is a resounding YES, PLEASE!  But let me explain a something to you.  The wonderful and uniquely crafted DIY weddings you see on blogs are certainly amazing and offer lots of inspiration.  But what you may not know is the background of the bride.  Many of the best DIY-brides are graphic designers, set designers, or have a great background in arts and crafts.  The DIY projects they do come out flawlessly because it is second nature to them.  Not all brides are created equally.  And that is OK.  Also, please understand that DIY projects can take many months and a LOT of hours of sourcing materials, not to mention the construction.  Believe me, as a wedding planner and event designer who has created many items for my clients, all of those garland and buntings and pretty little details take a lot of time!  And I do mean a lot!  Therefore, if you aren't crafty, there is a chance that your DIY project might not look like Martha Stewart created it.  This is where a good event designer comes in handy.  I work very closely with my clients to design and create all elements of your wedding design.  This includes creating floral designs, stationery needs, buntings, and gathering props.  I also work closely with lighting, linens and rentals to create a cohesive look that speaks to who you are as a couple.  I have spent many hours creating things.  I have extensive experience and am constantly being educated and trained in this area.  If you need assistance, your ideas and projects will be in good hands.

I want a wedding in beautiful sunny Southern California, but I live out of town.
This is a great reason to hire a wedding planner.  Even if you live 50 miles outside of Los Angeles County, traveling to and from in CRAZY Los Angeles traffic is not what I would call a productive use of your time or money.  And even more so if you live even further away.  When planning a destination wedding ANYWHERE in the world, life is so much easier for you when you have a wedding planner in the destination.  Why?  Because she knows the local vendors and will act on your behalf at meetings and site visits.  She is there to be your voice and your advocate.  Your wedding planner is like your personal wedding assistant.  She is there for you when you cannot be and she will make sure your vision, wishes and dreams are fulfilled accordingly.

I am overwhelmed by the number of vendors to choose from.  Can you help me find those that are within my budget and fulfill my vision accordingly?
A good wedding planner has an extensive list of vendors at her fingertips.  She knows those that fit your budget, whose work style matches your vision and who is dependable and has the best quality work for your money.  No matter what your budget is, you deserve to get the most for your money AND you deserve to work with the best.  It's sad to say, but they do not always go hand in hand.  Receiving vendor referrals from your wedding planner will save you so much time researching the internet and asking around for referrals.  I always provide referrals for all of my clients.  We do not accept fees or kickbacks from vendors.  I want you to have a FABULOUS wedding and want you to feel sure that you are working with the best.  It's just that simple.

I want to have my wedding at a unique venue but I have no idea where to begin my search.  Do you know of places other than hotel banquet rooms or halls?
HECK YES!  In fact, after you tell me what your MUST HAVES are in a venue, I will make appointments for you to visit venues that fit your idea.  Have a few venues in mind?  No problem, I can arrange appointments for those as well.  I then put together a venue dossier for you.  This includes details about parking, dressing rooms, what is included (such as tables, chairs, linens, etc) and much more.  Our dossiers are extensive and help you minimize taking extensive notes at your venue visit so that you can simply enjoy the tour.  The best part about it, is that you will have the dossier to refer to when you are back home and making your decision.  It is very easy to forget the little details.  You will find this package of information invaluable in helping decide on your venue.

There is so much to do and so many decisions to make!  Can you help take the load off of my shoulders?
Dear heart, your wedding is intended to be the most fantastic journey you have taken up to this point of your life!  It's my intention and philosophy that each bride has the right to feel and be as FABULOUS as she really is. As a client of Fabulously Wed, I want you to savor the entire wedding planning journey.  You have the right to focus on your life, your job, your family and the fun things (like choosing your wedding dress, tasting cakes or swooning over color schemes)!  You have enough going on in your life on a daily basis.  Planning your wedding (without rushing and stressing) can be the celebration it is meant to be from beginning to end when you have a wedding planner in your corner. 

So there you have it...  My reasons for hiring a FABULOUS wedding planner!  And please know, whether you decide to hire a wedding planner or not, you deserve to have the best wedding you can imagine having.

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!



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