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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabulous Wedding Advice: Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner? PART 2

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Are you ready to continue considering whether you need a wedding planner or not? Today I would like to share some of the FAQs and concerns brides like yourself tend to ask. I am hoping it will help you determine whether or not you really need to hire a wedding planner.

I'm sure you are familiar with what a wedding planner is but just to be sure, please know that it is NOT "like J.Lo in The Wedding Planner". Although that movie is fun and Hollywood did a great job giving exposure to the role of wedding planners, we are certainly so much more than a movie character who is desperate for love and therefore lives vicariously through others' romantic unions.  You want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, right?  Well, I'm here to give it to you so let's get started...

  1. I really would love to have a wedding planner but I don't think my budget is large enough to include one.  For full wedding planning (where the planner coordinates the logistics of your wedding from engagement through managing the actual day), you can expect to pay on average about 10 - 15% of your overall wedding budget.  While this may seem like a HUGE amount of money, it actually isn't.  You will very likely benefit from saving money on vendors that actually fit your budget.  I NEVER tell brides I can get them discounts that I will pass onto them.  The truth is, I very well might.  But that is not a guarantee and it is not the only way I could potentially save you money and it should not be your only reason for hiring me.  I save you money by making sure that you don't hire vendors that are outside of your budget.  I know who is and who is not within your price point.  I am here to help you get a REALISTIC understanding on what you can expect to pay for certain services.  Plus I'm here to prevent you from making costly mistakes.
  2. My venue has a coordinator.  Why do I need you?  Isn't that like hiring two people to do the same job?  Ummm... NO!  Here's is where the difference lies.  Venues hire these coordinators to be on hand to manage your wedding day from their point of view.  They are great at what they do.  They work with catering and they organize the delivery of items.  They are there to ensure that the venue puts their best foot forward in delivering what is expected of them on your wedding day.  They are there to oversee the internal workings of the venue itself.  They DO NOT manage or oversee any other aspect of your wedding.  Do you have out-of-town guests?  Don't count on them to plan any welcome events or deliver welcome baskets to them.  Need help with the rehearsal dinner?  You can't call on them. They DO NOT assist you during your wedding planning journey.  They ARE NOT available to you to assist with etiquette questions or family drama.  They DO NOT care where you get your wedding dress or even if you find one at all.  If your videographer has a car accident on the way to the wedding, they WILL NOT call around to find a last minute replacement.  If your feet hurt and you want to change into your comfy shoes, they WILL NOT bring them to you.  If your dress is soiled, they WILL NOT help you take care of the stain.  They DO NOT work with the musicians, photographer, entertainment, stationery, DJ, or florist in bringing your wedding day vision to life.   They report to their employers, not to you.  You are the venue's client.  The venue coordinator acts on behalf of the venue and oversees only what the venue is contracted for itself, including any other weddings at their location that are on the same day as your wedding.  Wedding planners, on the other hand, only report to YOU!  It is that simple.
  3. Isn't day-of coordination just one day's worth of work?  Why do I have to pay SO much?  I don't get it.  If you are planning your wedding by yourself, I strongly recommend hiring a day-of coordinator.  They are there to oversee set-up, manage the logistics of your day, handle emergencies that arise, deal with guest relations and interact with all involved vendors.  But, please do not be mistaken into thinking we ONLY work on the day of your wedding.  At Fabulously Wed, we actually step in about 6 weeks before wedding day.  We have an extensive meeting with you to learn all about the FABULOUS wedding that you planned.  We review all of your contracts, contact your vendors to confirm the times they arrive for set-up or load in, create a detailed production schedule for the vendors and a detailed wedding day itinerary for members of the bridal party.  It is our job to alleviate the wedding planning aspect for you during these last stressful weeks.  We finalize all the remaining things on your to-do list (and trust me when I say, you will still have a whole lot to do!).  At the end of wedding day, it is our job to stay behind and oversee the tear down or strike.  And after the wedding, we often continue to work for a bit closing the loop on any remaining issues.  Overall, we work for you for 6 weeks, not one day.   Soooo... Suzy Q Planner has offered to coordinate your wedding on the day-of for $600.  That is simply incredible to me!  I don't know about you, but when was the last time you worked full-time hours for a week and came home with $100?  I think I bagged groceries at Publix for less than 20 hours and came home with more than that at age 17...seriously!  People, think about it.  We are WORKING for you.  Working being the operative of that sentence.  It is our JOB to make sure your wedding is managed properly and that cannot happen by showing up on the day of. We have family, bills, responsibilities just like any other person.  We appear to be superhuman in managing your wedding but superpowers mean nothing to the mortgage company or the car lender. A good wedding planner is worth what you pay her and more.  
That wraps up my post for today.   If you are still unsure, tune back in on Thursday for Part 3 and my final thoughts on whether or not you REALLY need to hire a wedding planner.

Until Next Time, Stay Fabulous!


Lauren @ ELD said...

Ahhhhh GREAT post!!!!!

Wedding Spend said...

This is great advice, I'm realizing more and more how complicated a process wedding planning is as I go through planning my own wedding. And some people would definitely benefit immensely from having a wedding planner.

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