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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alternative Ring Bearer Pillows

I love wedding ideas that provide alternative solutions to wedding tradition.Take these ring pillows, for example:

This little white ceramic ring bowl is an exclusive Paloma's Nest design...It is hand crafted and stamped with their "milagro heart" design and *up to two lines* of your custom text.

This Ring Bearer Bowl has two little holes near the top rim, which is laced with a silky cotton cord to hold your rings for your wedding ceremony. This cord can be easily switched out by you for a ribbon that matches your wedding style...or to a blue cord for your "something blue," if you wish!

After the ceremony, the cord can be tied into a loop or a bow, and the bowl can hold jewelry, momentos or other treasures.

But that's not all... this piece is also practical in that the tiny bowl can also be hung by the cord, on a wall in a special spot (next to your wedding photo would be nice), in a shadow box frame, or on your holiday tree.

How about a paper peony? Created by letters4lilly, custom orders more than welcome and they are available in a large array of colours, or even patterned paper, how about polka dots, or crisp white for a classic look?

A cute and sweet alternative to a ring bearer pillow, great for outdoor weddings and nature lovers!

This ring bearer pillow is created by YANDEBRIDAL . A twig nest decorated with plants, moss and two little birds perched on top. Brown and green ribbon are placed in the center to hold the rings.

Here's a new variation on the popular flower ring cushions by BrassPaperclip... this is a huge golden sunflower that measures about 7" across. A fancy vintage brass button has been wired into the center along with a slender ivory ribbon you can use to tie the rings on with. Cinch them up close to the center or dangle them from the ends...a darling way add a little extra something to your wedding. Comes with a pin on the back so you can pin it to a dog collar, pillow or ribbon.


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